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Family Business and Associated Issues

A family business is one of the oldest forms of businesses. It revolves around the members of one family, so it is an intersection...

january, 2021

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Diriya Biz video series on aims to equip all stakeholders of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises with knowledge on business concepts, theories and best practices, thereby giving their businesses a boost in the journey toward success.

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    Shareholder Agreements

    When starting a new business, you may feel that all the stakeholders are aligned and there is no problem that cannot be solved around...

    Financial Ratios

    If you are about to approach a bank or investors whom you expect to invest in your business, you need to show them that...

    Towards Better Procurement

    Among the many costs that you hope to minimize when engaging in a business, procurement is probably one of the most important factors that...


    Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    Businesses often have to spend their energy, time and money to attract new customers at instances where the current customers are lost due to...

    Tips for Providing Excellent Customer Service

    Don’t you love it when you visit a restaurant and they treat you like royalty? Even the little things, like the server asking how...

    Segment your Audience Effectively

    Do you know how some organisations promote their products to literally everyone on the planet? Well, that’s the opposite of market segmentation - and...

    Diriya Inspire

    Diriya Inspire video series on aims to inspire budding enterprises by sharing the success stories of successful entrepreneurs and businesses, also focusing on how they could overcome failures and challenges.


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