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Do you remember any leaders who inspired you throughout your life and you always dreamt of becoming one like them? Then why not assess your strengths and areas for improvements to fulfil this objective of yours?

It is a known fact that these leaders share some common personality traits and characteristics. Therefore, ask yourself the questions below to understand what you already possess and how you should improve, in order to become more like those great personalities.

Let’s start with being innovative and strategic!

Being ahead of others, and TIME, is critical to succeed as a leader. You should be able to anticipate and foresee the challenges as well as opportunities that may come your way. That’s not enough. You should be good at making timely decisions with an innovative and creative mindset, resulting in practical, effective solutions. This is a characteristic common to any successful leader you’ll come across in your life. Hence, make sure you develop your strategic-thinking skills and that you make sound and timely decisions.

Second, it is the ability to communicate your vision with the team!

It is very important to keep your team updated about your decisions and it is your job to communicate this vision with the team. Hence, it is essential to have good communication skills if you really want to inspire people with your leadership. Communication does not always mean one-way communication. It is very important to listen to your followers as much as possible and take their ideas into consideration as well. Two-way communication makes everything better and easier. 

Okay, now the team knows what your desire is. But are you keeping them motivated enough for them to engage in their work effectively?

It is very important for your followers to believe in you and your decisions. It is high time that you ask yourself whether people follow your advice. Do you think you’re known for your confidence and a positive attitude? Do you think people have faith in you for your resilience and endurance? If yes, they will follow you wholeheartedly. But you have to maintain balance by seeking responsibilities and taking responsibility for your decisions and actions.

The next most important characteristics are your authenticity and honesty.

To be a great leader, you must gain the skills that make people want to follow you and one of those skills is gaining their trust and faith. In order to do so, it is essential for you to always be consistent in your actions and behaviour. Hence, before expecting their faithfulness, ask yourself how loyal you are to them and whether you are willing to stand by your team when the going gets tough. Being fair is also part of the package you signed up for. This will keep employees happy and properly guided, while having the reassurance of an impartial leader. Simply put, LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

Finally, you should always keep your third eye open!

It is your duty to develop others. Making use of your third eye will effortlessly develop this skill. Always try to understand what your team is capable of. As you already know, ideas and opinions of others can be very creative too. Hence seek these talents and make use of them. Always believe in your team! If you are interested in becoming an ‘empowering leader’, we suggest reading The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness by Stephen Covey.

Do you find these difficult or hard to follow? The answer is an obvious NO.

Then hurry and use these tips to keep your team happy and for you to achieve your desired objectives in your career path as well as in your personal life.

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