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It’s all about social media nowadays. Need to promote your product? Use Social media. Need to create brand awareness? Use social media. Need to make your mark in the business world? Use social media. initiating a startup in today’s context is a social media game. And it is not a very easy game to play. Let’s find out how you can start swimming in them likes and comments.

There is no “perfect” way to establish a killer social media status. However there are a few tried and tested methods you can use to optimize your social media. 

    Always, Always be active.
    Don’t you just love it when a person replies to you immediately? Yes, it gives you a sense of priority. It is the same with EVERYONE. Always reply promptly to your comments and messages.

    Relate to your audience.
    Pay attention to what’s happening. Focus your communication through the hype. Try out a meme or two.

    Most importantly, be accurate.
    We all have seen those fake ads, haven’t we?
    “You have just won one million dollars (for doing nothing)!!”
    “You have been selected for a foreign tour!!”
    Or even those subtle ones like the following?
    “Best price in the county, all imported material!”
    I have one piece of advice for you. If you feel like you want to advertise like this, do not.

    Overall, social media is an intricate web of interactions where only the best of the best will thrive. However, that doesn’t mean you can get a piece of the pie for yourself. Just stick by the above three rules and don’t hesitate to innovate.

Read in English සිංහල (Sinhala) தமிழ் (Tamil)


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