Is Your Feedback Constructive?

“Employees are more likely to learn and grow when they receive immediate feedback that is specific, targeted at their development and able to be...

Are Your Performance Evaluations ‘Constructive’ or ‘Destructive’?

The evaluation of an employee’s performance, as well as a company’s performance, is an integral part of the management of every company. This allows...

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Family Business and Associated Issues

A family business is one of the oldest forms of businesses. It revolves around the members of one family, so it is an intersection...

Governance of a family business

The success of a family business revolves around the changing dynamics of not only the business but also the family. Family members may have...

Adopting Right Governance Structures According to the Maturity of Your Family Business

In the initial stage of your company or your business, most of the governing decisions are taken by the owner itself. However, with the...