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How do you chase your dreams? Do you just wake up in the morning with a blank mind and set targets for the day? Do you have an idea on how those targets contribute towards your end goal? This is when you need to understand that there is a clear difference between a goal and a dream. Those dreams you see every day are not going to direct you towards your end goal. You have to be certain about what you want in the long run in order to set targets for the day.

Once an end goal is set, you need to start writing down those little steps that you have to take in order to reach the end goal. Start doing this today by breaking up the goal into manageable pieces, so that it does not seem overwhelming and makes your end goal achievable. Most goals are attainable if the will to succeed is present and the goal is not an impossible one to achieve.

Having an understanding on “SMART goals” will help you in setting these targets. If you don’t know what a “SMART goal” is, it is as follows. This is merely not about being ‘smart’ but all five letters have a meaning.

Below tips will help you to help make a plan that will take you towards your end goal.
• Always be certain of what you want to achieve.
• Start early as possible.
• Break your dream into set goals.
• Your dream is going to be achievable only if your team is supportive. Therefore, make sure you communicate your goals with your team clearly. Also don’t forget to be realistic!
• Think strategically.
• Your strategy needs to involve both long term and short term concerns.
• Don’t forget about setting a realistic yet a practical budget.
• Last but not the least, always evaluate the progress of the work.

And don’t forget that the most important of all is to WRITE DOWN ALL YOUR GOALS!

Read in English