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How do you go about achieving your dreams? Do you wake up each morning with a blank slate and think about your targets for the day? How directed are those towards your end goal? How productive has it proven working on this day-by-day basis?

At this point we need to understand that the difference between a goal and a dream. Simply dreaming every day about achieving something is not going to direct you towards your end goal. You have to be certain about what you want in the long run in order to set intermediate targets for the day. 

Once you have defined a long-term goal for yourself, you need to start writing down those little steps that you have to take in order to reach that destination. Start doing this today onwards by breaking up the goal into manageable pieces, so that it does not feel overwhelming. Most goals are attainable if you have the will to succeed and tackle one sub-task at a time.      

Your goals, large or small, long-term or for the day, should follow “SMART” framework. 

If you don’t know what a “SMART” goal is, it is as follows:


If your goal when written down meets all of these aspects, it will be a clearer and easier goal to achieve.

Below are some more tips to help you to help make a plan that will take you towards your end goal.

  • Always be certain of what you want
  • Start as early as possible
  • Translate your dream into specific goals
  • Your dream is achievable only if your team is supportive of achieving it. Hence, before setting goals, communicate it to your team.
  • Be realistic and follow the SMART framework mentioned above.
  • Think strategically
  • Your strategy needs to involve both long term and short term concerns.
  • Don’t forget about setting a realistic budget.
  • You also need to do your homework right and evaluate the progress of work.

Of course you know the most important of all,
WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING! When you write things down, it sticks longer in your brain and carries greater weight; try writing down your goals, it will help you define them better and work towards them.

Read in English


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