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Does it feel like almost every sales lead you to pursue ends up in so sale? In order to face this issue, you need to learn one small tactic. That is, focusing on the best sales leads to maximize success.

Have you ever been to a store in which the store owner made you feel at home? The good old “How is it going boss?” and “Good morning sir/ma’am, what are you looking for?” are examples of friendly greetings. We all feel much more inclined to visit such a store than a store where you are ignored and frowned at. Well, this is basic relationship marketing. When you build a positive relationship with your customers or sales leads, they are more likely to become loyal customers. First, let’s discuss some simple tips through which you can improve your existing relationship with your customers.

Offering quality customer service is always key to winning customers. Nevertheless, the question here is “HOW?” Let’s find out. Just as the name implies, quality customer service is about relating to the customer at a personal level and positively reinforcing theconnection to make them loyal to your brand. Let’s consider a few simple tips as to how to do this;

  • Be genuinely interested in customers’ expectations: Remember the famous saying; “Customer is king”. So, it is your duty to ensure you genuinely take the customers’ expectations, needs and wants to heart and then deliver them the best service possible. This will leave them wanting for more. 
  • A simple smile goes a long way: The customers entering your store will not want to see an unwelcoming grouch staring at them when they enter your shop. They want to see a person who is friendly and filled with enthusiasm. So, put on a happy face – you will find that it automatically lifts your mood too. This doesn’t have to only be at your premises. Wherever you are representing your organisation, may it be a meeting, a conference or a pitch, “put on a happy face”. This simple gesture will contribute to your organisation in terms of current sales and future prospects to a greater magnitude than you may imagine. Also, this will strengthen organisation’s existing brand image.
  • A friendly email or message never hurt anyone: You may have the phone numbers or email addresses of your clientele right? If you get to know their birthdays or any other special occasion, or on significant holidays, go ahead and drop them a wish. This will enrich the relationship your organization has with the client. However, in the digital age, with all privacy concerns, this may not be everybody’s cup of tea. Hence, if you are using PII (Personally Identifiable Information) for relationship building, always better to take precautions such as obtaining their prior approval to use such PII for communications. Also be mindful not to spam them with hundreds of promotional or frivolous messages, forcing them to block you.

All of these may seem like simple stuff, right? Well, yes. However, turning these tiny tips into a regular practice can be quite hard. Who knows, a simple smile you give to a customer on their hard day may even make them your most loyal customers!

Read in English


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